Who is The VOIP Guru?
Industry Expertise
World Class Experience!
The VOIP Guru has worked for Fortune 2000’s, Fortune 500’s, and Fortune 100’s. The VOIP Guru has over 8-years of IT Sales experience and understands business strategy, IT strategy, and financial strategy at a deep level.

Our clients love to work with us because we speak their language and understand what metrics they need to hit to make solid business decisions.

Our clients love us for a reason!
Our average client works on 4-projects with The VOIP Guru. Our process is effective, it’s been tested, and it works!

Our clients trust us with their most mission critical systems and they keep working with us because we deliver results! We work for our clients, not our partners, and our partners respect our position because we’re transparent in how we operate.

Our Clients
One Guru for the world!
The VOIP Guru doesn’t discriminate against industry, business size, or technical needs. We work with major non-profit organizations with thousands of employees and multiple locations; small real-estate companies with 4-5 employees; healthcare start-up’s with complex contact center needs; to multi-national organizations with complex business environments and needs.

If you want to improve your communications challenges, we’re here to help!

How Do We Get Paid?
The Power of Partners
The VOIP Guru does not charge a fee to consult on your communications systems. Our partner community likes working with us because we bring industry expertise, understand the implementation process, and handle client communications.

When you implement your communications system of choice, we get paid by the selected partner.

Most important? We’re vendor agnostic. As consultants, our focus is delivering the best results to your organization and helping you implement the best communications systems for your needs.

Our goal is to provide you with a technical win, a financial win, and a business win.

Work with The VOIP Guru

Send Us Leads And Get Paid

Work with The VOIP Guru

Send Us Leads And Get Paid

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