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Top 5 Reasons to Choose VoIP Phone Systems for Your Business in 2022 

Voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) technology enables you to communicate with customers and colleagues over the internet quickly and easily. The VoIP protocol replaces or supplements traditional phone calls and is useful for businesses that want to get the most out of their phone systems without spending thousands of dollars on telephony infrastructure In recent years, VOIP phone systems have become very popular, especially with the large shift to remote work environments. In a recent survey, Upwork predicted that 22% of the US workforce will be remote by 2025. 

A flexible phone system, like VoIP, will allow you to better coordinate with employees who work from home (WFH). Additionally, this VoIP phone systems protect your data through encryption at rest and encryption in transit features, which are especially important for industries with high security regulations. 

VoIP has many business advantages, so we’ve compiled a list of key VoIP statistics to help you understand its growing significance.

1. 61% of businesses are transitioning from landline phone systems to VoIP phone systems

VoIP technology has been evolving rapidly as teams are increasingly transitioning to remote work which have caused their needs to increase. In a recent report, Blueface Research shared 61% of companies are switching from traditional landlines to VoIP phone systems.  

The growth in VoIP adoption is largely attributed to the extensive feature sets provided by VoIP providers, many of which are partners with The VOIP Guru. In 2015, Software Advice shared their results from a survey where they found 36% of small businesses in their sample were already using VoIP phone systems. 

Most of the VoIP business phone systems include calling, call routing, collaboration, call handling features and much more which make VoIP phone systems very appealing to businesses.

2. Businesses increase productivity by 20% with VoIP 

VoIP is a powerful technology that improves customer experiences, but it also has a major value for employees. VoIP providers frequently include helpful tools such as audio/video conferencing, task management, and team chat in their service, making it easier for staff members.  

According to Harbor Networks, companies report a 20% increase in productivity with VoIP phone systems. For example, it would be difficult to find a provider who does not use some form of call routing. If a client is calling for help on a specific topic, it’s easier to send the client through a self-service call route to find the appropriate person/department within the business instead of having to be transferred multiple times until they get connected with the correct employee. In this example, employees spend less time on activities like helping clients pay their bills or find the right department and more time dealing with issues that require a human touch. 

3. Save 50% by switching to a VoIP phone system

According to Telzio, an on-premises PBX system can cost more than $15,000 to set up. Because of the cost of hardware, on-premises systems are expensive. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to pay upfront: 

  • Over $6,500 for a PBX server 
  • Phones cost $3,000 or more. 
  • Setup: $1,000 or more 
  • Software licenses: $3,500 or more 

The above prices do not include monthly costs such as toll-free and local numbers, traditional or faxing, and long-distance calling. Simply making calls from your office to local and international locations can easily cost you more than $30,000 in the first year. 

While most of the cost of a PBX is incurred upfront, a small business can be crippled simply by installing a phone system. When businesses deploy a VoIP phone system, the monthly service cost includes many of the features and functionalities you’d get with a PBX system along with many additional features you’d typically get from other vendors. 

While VoIP phones are not free, many providers allow you to use their service on multiple pre-existing devices and some VoIP providers run promotions where you can get new VoIP phones at no cost when you sign a contract. Furthermore, on-premises PBX features that you would pay for monthly, such as virtual numbers and audio conferencing, are typically much cheaper or bundled into the service with a VoIP system.

4. VoIP saves businesses 40% on their monthly bills

With most VoIP providers offering free calling to the United States, Canada, and occasionally Mexico and Puerto Rico,

it’s easy to see how businesses save money with VoIP phone systems. Statistics frequently overlook how these types of business calling often account for a sizable portion of a company’s communications costs. The value of a traditional landline phone system, which frequently charges fees for calling slightly out of the area is lost when agents can freely make outbound calls without metered pricing.

5. VoIP can cut startup costs by up to 90%

Aside from the obvious hardware and software costs, VoIP offers new businesses a huge opportunity to save money. Even small companies, for example, which do not have centralized offices for their employee(s), can use VoIP services for local, national, and international calling without breaking the bank 

Starting a business is expensive, but VoIP phone systems allow you and your employees to set up a virtual office that can generate revenue. This reduces startup costs and makes it easier for your business to get off the ground. VoIP, according to Startuppanz, can cut startup costs by up to 90%. 

In conclusion 

The writing is on the wall: VoIP offers far too many benefits to be overlooked as a viable option for your next phone system technology. Due to the efficiency, low cost, and convenience of VoIP phone systems, modern businesses will only prosper when they adopt the technology. 

Want to know more? Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about the communication possibilities we can open for your business with The VoIP Guru Business solutions. 

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