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Am I the right company to work with The VOIP Gurus?

Our Gurus work with companies of all shapes and sizes. We work with companies who have 1 location and 2 employees up to organizations with multiple locations, across multiple countries, and thousands of employees. We’ve made sure to diversify our partners to ensure we can help satisfy your needs, no matter what they may be!

How do I work with The VOIP Gurus?

Engagements aren’t a one size fits all, but we like to start each engagement with some level of discovery.

The quick and easy way to start working with one of our VOIP Gurus (that works for most organizations) is by completing our 15-minute survey. Our 15-minute survey asks 95% of the questions that you need to answer for us to start designing a solution for your business. Once you submit your responses to our survey, we send you a link to schedule some time to meet with one of our Gurus to review what we’ve found, and take it from there!

If I’m a startup, can you help me?

We love startups! Startups are the lifeblood of innovation and improve the world one big problem at a time! We work closely with startups who are bringing innovation and disruption to a range of industries. Let’s get your communication platforms set-up today!

How do we get started?

Click the link below to respond to our 15-minute survey! It’s quick, easy, and the best way for us to learn about your organization! We want to make sure we explore the options that are best for your organization and only bring up the solutions that meet your needs.

How do we get in contact?

We’ve built an automated system that engages you on a cadence.

As soon as you respond to our survey, you will receive an automatic email response that sends you a link to book a time for us to meet. Based on our availability, we’ll assign one of our VOIP Gurus to reach out and review your results. Once we complete our initial conversation, we’ll agree on the best way for us to communicate.

When will I see my results?

In most of our engagements, we’re able to show you a noticeable difference on the first day. If you have a complex business environment, there may be a more involved process to spin-up our solution.

We believe in setting clear expectations and will work to ensure we deliver results on our mutual timelines.

Can small businesses benefit from using a business VoIP provider in the USA?

Yes, for a business that wants the most value out of their communication platform there is no better system than VoIP. The VoIP business phone system offers the most affordable and scalable solution for small businesses. Want to take a more traditional approach? We also partner with all the major business phone service providers in the USA and can build a customized package for you at a reasonable price. We help businesses like yours find the perfect answer to how should I set up my Small Business Phone Service USA.

Which is a better a landline or a VoIP Business Phone Service Company in the USA?

In 2021, VoIP scores better on affordability and usability when compared to a landline in almost every situation. In the case of a landline, a separate system needs to be installed and maintained. VoIP on the other hand is very flexible, less expensive than a landline, and is connected through your internet without requiring a separate system. Over 90% of the business we work decide to choose a VOIP Phone Service Company in the USA over their existing landline. In short, VOIP is a cloud business phone system that can be customized easily and save you money.

Is there a way for my VoIP Provider for Business in the USA to run without using the internet?

Yes, there is a way for business VoIP phone service providers in the USA to run without the internet provided both connections are running from the same IP address. In these situations, a business IP phone service in the USA tends to be a perfect fit. The cloud-based business phone system is a setup that can be defined as a self-connected VOIP that can also be used for you or employees remote locations.

Do businesses find VOIP acts as a good Business Phone Service Provider in the USA for their at home use?

Yes, definitely, the total Cloud Hosted VoIP for Business in the USA is the perfect solution for any place you want to work. We offer excellent options so you can select the best Phone Service Providers for Business in the USA, which is vital for employee at home use.

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