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What Are Call Pops? How Do Call Pops Work?

Callers nowadays have high expectations when it comes to customer service. They want to contact an agent through the channel of their choosing, have their issue resolved quickly, and have the entire interaction tailored to their needs.

Catering to every customer’s specific needs is not easy. Some days, the phone doesn’t stop ringing, and employees barely have time to catch their breaths before answering another call. In many instances, agents frequently don’t have enough time to check each caller’s personal information before answering the phone. This requires them to do so during the call, which takes time and disrupts their focus.

However, a calling feature known as Call Pop allows easy access to all the necessary information before you even begin your call.

What exactly is Call Pop?

When an employee picks up the phone, a ‘Call Pop’ displays a screen containing real-time customer information data, such as:

  • The company they work for
  • Their name and personal information
  • Purchase history
  • Previous interactions with your company (calls, emails, messages, etc.)
  • How long they’ve been a customer
  • Notes or comments made by the last employee who was in contact with them
  • Account and payment details

The data can come from your company’s business applications, such as a CRM, helpdesk, or ticketing platforms.

When a system recognizes an incoming phone number or any information entered by the caller into the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System, a Call Pop can instantly match that data with the appropriate customer profile and displays that info to the agent who is handling the call.

Companies who use a Call Pop provide their team members with a system that saves them from having to search for information in their databases. With a call pop, customer service agents can view real-time customer cards/information to see whom they are speaking with.

Why do you need a Call Pop?

This tool has two primary benefits: improving customer experience and increasing agent efficiency.

According to a HubSpot survey, 33% of people say that repeating themselves to multiple support reps is one of the most frustrating aspects of contacting customer service. It can be even more aggravating if another support agent offers them the same advice or suggestions as the first.

These situations would be reduced if your employees could see a Call Pop screen before each call. Your agents will immediately know who is calling and will be able to review previous contact history. There is no need to ask the customer to repeat their problem, and there is no risk of the agent asking a question the caller has already answered.

A Call Pop screen can also be extremely useful for providing callers with personalized service. Considering that 72% of clients only respond to personalized messages, your staff’s sales and customer satisfaction rates could skyrocket simply by knowing callers’ names and preferences.

KPIs for Call/Contact Center and Call Pop

A Call Pop screen’s true strength lies in how much easier, faster, and smoother it can make your staff’s daily work. As previously stated, the most significant advantage is that you will not waste time searching for customer information.

When your team works faster and more effectively, you can improve a few key business metrics:

1. Quality of Caller Experience

Call Pop screens can help your team personalize each interaction with a caller by giving them more time to prepare a tailored offer or suggestion based on the customer’s information.

2. Reduced Time of Support Calls

Agents don’t need to ask multiple questions or look up the customer in the CRM system/database because they have the caller’s information on their screen. Instead, they can work on the main issue without devoting time to irrelevant questions.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect their issues to be resolved on the first call, so the faster your agents respond to their questions and solve their problems, the happier they will be.

Agents can quickly determine what a caller requires when they have the correct information at their fingertips. This makes it much easier for them to provide accurate answers to any questions and resolve issues more quickly.

4. Reduced Abandonment Rates

Your agents can reduce the number of missed and abandoned calls by spending less time on each call and handling more of them each day. These calls are typically the result of callers’ frustration with long hold times, but they can also result from company employees failing to understand customers’ concerns. Call Pops can help your staff drastically reduce these issues.

Agents can use this feature to see how previous conversations with a caller went and what suggestions or offers were made by other employees. As a result, even if the current agent has never spoken with the customer, they can quickly get to the bottom of a problem.

The Bottom Line

Many customers nowadays are hesitant to contact customer service. Long wait times, having to repeat their concerns multiple times, and a sense that reps don’t fully understand their needs are all reasons. If you want your customers to trust you, improving the customer experience with Call Pop is your best bet.

With The VoIP Guru’s business solutions, you’ll always know who is calling, making it much easier to provide quick, effective, and personalized customer service. Agents can review the caller’s previous interactions with the company and get a quick overview of their previous issues, orders, and requests even before they pick up the phone. Faster and more personalized customer service saves a lot of time for your employees.

If you’re looking to deploy a call pop system for your business, schedule your free consultation today with The VoIP Guru, and we’ll help you identify and deploy the best Call Pop service for your business and organizational needs. The VoIP Guru analyzes your communication systems and works with your team to determine the best solution for your business.



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