4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Cloud Phones 

 Ask any small business owner what keeps them awake at night, and we’re sure productivity is on the list. And it’s no surprise: with smaller teams, small businesses must accomplish more with fewer people. The trick is to figure out how to boost productivity without exhausting employees. 

Excellent news! We’ve discovered an answer. It’s as simple as providing the appropriate communication and collaboration tools. For example, cloud phones increase efficiency by making it easier to complete tasks. 

A recent survey of business professionals investigated the impact of communication and collaboration tools on workplace productivity. Half of those polled worked for businesses with between 25 and 2,500 employees. One statistic that will pique the interest of small business owners is that 74% of employees believe their productivity would increase if they had better communication and collaboration tools. Furthermore, 82% believe the staff’s overall productivity will improve. That kind of impact can have a significant effect on your bottom line. 

Cloud Phones for a Small Businesses

So, how do you make such gains? The survey demonstrates how cloud phones can assist in resolving the productivity challenge that many small businesses face. Here are 4 of the most important findings that show how small businesses benefit from cloud phones: 

1. Shared workspaces are gaining popularity 

Most survey respondents (70 percent) believe that using online workspaces is an efficient way to complete tasks. For one thing, they make it simple to see what needs to be done and ensure that tasks are completed on time. A cloud phone system boosts employee productivity by providing individual and group chat, file sharing, audio conferencing, web sharing, and a personal dashboard to help employees stay on top of their daily “to-do” list. You can also avoid the hassle of using a VPN because your mobile device provides seamless access. 

2. Phones are here to stay 

Despite the introduction of new technologies, people continue to rely on voice calls. A whopping 97 percent of respondents listed phone services as one of their top five preferred modes of communication. Cloud phones provide softphone, mobile, and IP desk phone options, allowing employees to communicate with one another – and customers – from any device and location. Team members can also carry on a conversation from one device to another without missing a beat. 

3. Video has potential, but it must function properly 

Thirty-nine percent of business professionals believe video communications will become more popular in the coming years. Video conferences present a real opportunity to increase productivity because employees are more likely to pay attention and participate in meetings where they can be seen rather than just heard. Employees expect intuitive and dependable video solutions, and cloud phones deliver by making video conferencing simple and effective with high-quality connections. After joining with a single click, sharing presentations, files, and documents in real time is simple. Users can also combine video sharing with one-on-one and group messaging to accelerate review time and collaborate more effectively. 

4. Time is money  

Every penny counts for SMBs. According to some estimates, employees waste about 13% of their day on ineffective communications, costing businesses around $10,000 per worker per year. How should this be addressed? Employees recommend implementing consistent communications and collaboration tools throughout the organization, integrating them into workflows, and leveraging mobile apps. 

Cloud phones tick all of the boxes on this list. Voice calls, conferencing, and messaging are all available to your employees through a unified experience across devices. Single-click functionality saves time, and mobile apps help employees on the go. Screen sharing and agenda tracking boost productivity. People can read voicemail messages via email, thanks to voicemail transcription. When it comes to saving SMBs time – and the costs associated with it – cloud phones simply “bring it.” 

The employees have spoken up. Cloud phones give them the tools they need to succeed, and you can reap the benefits of their productivity while increasing your own. Your small-business employees will be up and running in no time. 

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